Our Story

Whether you’ve been a mama for a few months or several years, it’s easy to put everyone’s needs before your own. Hello Mama Box is exactly what you need to take time to replenish naturally, so you can be a better support to you, your family, and friends.


Hello Mama Box is a quarterly subscription gifting service for busy mamas who struggle with self-care. Inspiration for the box came when our founder, Cheya Thousand, noticed a trend among the mamas in her life. She realized that the mamas who practiced self-care, seemed to have a better quality of life than those who did not have a regular self-care routine.


While watching friends and family battle through postpartum depression, Cheya wanted to do something to help. She didn't have kids of her own, but she sought a way to show her support of the women she loved. Recognizing the importance of self-care for mamas is what inspired the idea for the Hello Mama Box.


Today, the box aims to take the guesswork out of self-care for mamas and promote maternal wellness in an easy and affordable way. The arrival of each box encourages busy mamas to slow down and treat themselves to a #mamamoment. The Hello Mama Box makes a great gift and allows others to show their support of the mamas in their lives in a fun and thoughtful way.


A variety of assorted teas, affirmation cards, and high quality bath and body products are included, allowing every woman to create a self-care practice that suits her needs. Our goal is for mamas of all types to feel celebrated and pampered in the way they deserve.


Thank you for visiting our website! We’re glad that you’re here and invite you to explore everything Hello Mama Box has to offer. Order one today and prepare to welcome this new lux-cessityinto your life or the life of a mama you know needs it, too.